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Client Success Stories

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Becky Free BA 2015Becky Free

Fit Crew Member Since 2011

“I would have never done this on my own.  I honestly didn’t think I could make any major changes to my body at 42 years old.   But I always wanted to lose the fat that was hanging on after my two kids were born.  I never thought I would look better and feel stronger than I did when I was 30 years old after joining the Shock It Fitness 6 week Fat Loss Challenge.

Carrie and her crew at Shock It Fitness have changed my life.  The greatest gift of the Fat Loss Challenge is the feeling of confidence I carry with myself. The physical strength I have gained is visible now because the fat is gone.  This helps me believe in myself.  I am proud that at 42 years old I did something that I really, honestly didn’t think was possible.  And my two little boys see a mom who eats right, lifts weights and looks strong. I want that to inform their ideas of what a woman can do.

Carrie and her crew at Shock It Fitness are professionals who gave me the tools I needed to succeed where I never had before.  It is the best investment I have ever made in my own health.”

Total inches lost: 8.25
Total Body Fat Lost: 6.2%

Brooke McMinn b_aBrooke McMinn 

Fit Crew Member Since 2011

“When people talk about a transformation I think they often mistakenly expect an immediate change. But nothing worth having comes easy and a transformative experience rarely happens overnight. What I have experienced through my training with Carrie has been truly transformative but it’s hard to say exactly when in the four years I was fortunate enough to receive her guidance that the deep, meaningful changes in my life occurred. What I can say is that I am a different woman today and it is because of the education and motivation I received from her and her team. When I first sought Carrie’s services, it was partly because I wanted to be strong, but mostly because I wanted to be thin. I was seeking vastly cosmetic improvements to my physical person. What I found was so much more. The woman I am today is thinner, yes, but what has amazed me most is that I am all around better. I am happier. I am more joyful. I am more patient, understanding and forgiving. I am kinder, friendlier, and more sociable. I am more confident. I am more clearheaded, more focused. I am a better mother, spouse, daughter, friend and employee. I am more resilient. I am so much healthier and, at 34 years old, I am stronger, both inside and out, than I have ever been in my life or ever dreamed I could be. These are all changes I had to make in myself and I had to put in the work to bring them about, but through them I have learned that I am capable of anything. I can overcome. I can persevere. I can improve. And it all started with having the courage and commitment to show up and just listen. I listened to Carrie and all that she had to teach, both by her words and by her example, and it changed my life. I formed a solid fitness foundation by consistently attending her group training sessions and then in the last year Carrie helped me to take my training to the next level with powerlifting. I have since moved out of state and the lessons I learned are still improving my life daily. Carrie’s lessons are embedded in the Shock It fitness philosophy and are personified by its staff. If you are willing to do the work, Shock It will provide you with all the tools you need for limitless improvement that will last a lifetime.”

Tressa Taggert B & ATressa Taggert 

Fit Crew Member Since 2015

“Joining Shock It Fitness is one of the best things I ever did for myself!  In my late 20s, I started to gain weight and have been up and down for the past 15 years.  In the past, I would try fad diets with tons of cardio, and I would lose weight but I was never able to keep it off because I hated the diets and exercise.  A little over a year ago, I was 6 months into my latest fad diet when I was starting to get bored again.  This time instead of quitting, I decided to try something new, and that’s when I found Shock It Fitness.  The workouts we do are intense, but so much fun, and there’s always something new to learn.  I am now stronger at 42 years old then I have ever been in my life!

The workouts aren’t even the best part…the people are simply amazing!  The trainers are so knowledgeable and patient and you feel that they truly care, unlike some of the other gyms I have belonged where you were just a number.  And the other members are like a close-knit family.  I was intimidated on my first day, but everyone introduced themselves and encouraged me with the exercises, and in no time I felt like I was part of the Shock It Family.  I have met some of my goals, am still working on others, but I keep adding more to the list!  I’m very grateful to have found this wonderful gem of a gym!!!”

Laura Costner B&ALaura Costner

Program: 14-Day Eat Clean Train Mean

Lost 7.5 inches

Sandy DePew

Program: 14-Day Eat Clean Train Mean

“The plan is going very well for me actually the best plan I have ever had, I have not felt this good in years! I know it’s not about scale numbers but I have not lost all my “baby” weight and it’s been 7 years since my last pregnancy. I have tried everything and let me tell you this finally has worked for me. You guys have changed my life forever!!! I want to thank you, I already feel like a winner from losing and feeling great. Thank you very much!!!”

Lost 4.25 inches


Debbie Morreale

Program: 14-Day Eat Clean Train Mean

“This challenge came into my life at the right time, I thought I was eating healthy but this pointed me in a new direction and now I think about very carefully what I’m eating. I’m so happy I’ve found both of you. Thank you!”

Lost 5.5 inches


Donna Manion

Program: 14-Day Eat Clean Train Mean

“Prior to the challenge I was doing a pretty good job, I thought, of cutting out a lot of unhealthy foods. But this challenge really taught me how to cut out all of the temptations and still feel great. I never once felt deprived. Thank you Cheryl for the easy meal plan. Thank you Carrie for the challenging workouts. The results speak for themselves.”

Lost 7.75 inches

Sally Canady

“Most fitness trainers or companies try their best to sell you the idea that they can change the way your body looks and promise to help you reach your fitness goals, but very few have the gift of teaching you how to love fitness and make it a way of life. Shock It has done that and much more for me and others in my class. Since I started training with Carrie Ward my view of fitness changed gradually. When I first started working out with her I thought that I would just take a few classes, lose some weight, and quit. The mere thought of exercising made me tired until Carrie helped me see that it is not boring and that all of us have the ability to reach unimaginable fitness levels. I went from being insecure about my body and athletic abilities to a more secure, and fit person that runs 5K races and has the energy to keep up with her 4-yr old. Her classes gave me confidence that went beyond just affecting me physically, but it also helped me emotionally. The gift she gave me was making exercise a way of life and now I’m passing that on to my two children. they workout with me each time. We managed to keep doing her workouts three times a week even though we are far away. What other physical trainer can get into your head and convince you that exercise is a “must” just like eating and sleeping? I’ve been away from Shock It Fitness for over a year, but not a day goes by that I don’t hear Carrie’s voice tell me to “get it done Sally!”. 


Jennifer Vega

“I have been training with Shock It and Carrie since before the doors were officially opened! Besides the weight I have lost, the awesome friendships I have made and the confidence I have gained through Carrie’s group training, I have learned that consistency is key to success. There hasn’t been a workout that was the same or boring, ever. Each one leaves me energized and feeling stronger than the one before. Thanks to Carrie I will be entering my 40th year stronger and more fit than ever!!”


Lisa Z.

“Carrie is a ball of fire and her classes yield results! She will whip you into shape in no time and will stand behind you every step of the way to encourage and motivate you!!! She was my very first trainer and left a lasting impression on me. To date, no one compares!!”


Vivian T.

“Shock It Fitness is 45 minutes to an hour of total ME time! It’s real: the people are real, the workout is real, there’s nothing superficial about it. If you want to find a place to be comfortable and be motivated Shock It Fitness is the place. I’ve been a loyal member for over 5 years and that says a lot because I normally get bored with things after two or three months.”


Julie B.

“Wow, Carrie and the whole Fit Crew are wonderful people who keep me coming to workout on a consistent basis. We have fun, we sweat, we laugh, we encourage and the bottom line is that we are a family. Love you all. Best personal fitness program I have ever done.”


Charlene H.

“Shock It Fitness has been my saving grace for over a year now…I first came to Shock It searching for a miracle! After years of “gym” memberships and getting nowhere fast I finally found a place that focused on ME and not my size! The trainers are extremely knowledgable, patient and motivating! I am in the best shape of my life at age 45 and I have my family at Shock It to thank for that!!”

Sara L. 

“This is the absolute best gym to train at. The small class size allows for the trainers to zero in and help you perform the moves correctly throughout the routine, which makes each class feel like a personal training session. I’ve only been a member for a month, but I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else. It’s a friendly and motivating environment that welcomes everyone all ages and strengths.”


Kelly R. 

“Love it at Shock It!! Carrie and the rest of the fit crew are the best!”


Cindy G.

“Shock It Fitness is a community, in the truest sense of the word, of people committed to finding and reaching fitness goals. Carrie Ward does an awesome job of creating varied workouts to stave off boredom and propel each member of the Fit Crew to their own personal best. It is hard work that is good for you and the support and encouragement of Carrie and your fellow Fit Crew members compels you to come back and achieve and strive toward new goals from daily challenges to running 5ks – if you want to truly enjoy your fitness journey with like minded, strong and committed people – SHOCK IT FITNESS worth checking out! Come join us!”


Lauren W.

“Awesome place awesome staff! Everyone is well trained,friendly, and fun!”


Tressa T.

“I am currently a member at Shock It attending both group training and personal training. The small group training offers encouragement and motivation between other members (a second family) while getting a great workout. The personal training allows me to focus on my individual goals and is helping me take my fitness to the next level. This place is amazing and I’ve never felt better (both physically and mentally!!”


Ashley S.

“Ive been going to Shock It Fitness for over a year now and I absolutely love it! They push you and don’t let you give up. That’s what I need and I love about it. Plus I def see results! I’m stronger then I’ve ever been and definitely lost inches. They treat you like family!”



“I am so glad I discovered Shock It Fitness. This is the perfect place. It’s a wonderful no frills gym that features the TRX system which I have tried for the very first time. Carrie, the owner, and Jesse, my trainer, are both terrific. The prices are fair. Carrie and Jesse are extremely supportive and have made working out a time that I now look forward to.”


Howard D. 

“My wife convinced me to give this gym a try. The minute I walked in I had a feeling of total comfort. This is not a fancy place but it is perfect for me. The owner is on site. The trainer I met with is absolutely great. I had no hesitation in signing up for a series of sessions. This is a great place to go for a good workout whether you want personal training or not. The people are supportive, the prices are fair and the workout is perfect.”