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Jesse LaValle

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8 Jun

Jesse LaValle

shockitfitness@gmail.com Jun 8, 2015 0 1251

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness

Jesse LaValle, age 30, brings years of experiences in group and personal and physical therapy to Shock It Fitness. For over three years he was one of the top-producing trainers at Retro Fitness in Bordentown, NJ. Prior to Retro Fitness, he was a trainer at Fitness Integrated Therapy in Burlington, NJ. Jesse’s fitness philosophy is a ‘no frills’ regimen focused on results. According to Jesse, “trends come and go but traditional exercises and training methods are still the most effective. The key to effectiveness and results is to keep it simple and be consistent.” Jesse’s specialty is TRX Interval Training where clients get an intensive cardio workout while toning and strengthening. Jesse received his personal training certification from W.I.T.S., World Instructor Training Schools, in 2008. Jesse has always been a fitness and sports enthusiast. In his native Vermont Jesse was a competitive snowboarder in both Elementary and High School in addition to gymnastics training. He currently lives in Bordentown, NJ.